10 Best Carrier Oils and Their Amazing Uses

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils because of the heavenly smell.  It is also naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, so it ‘s great for lip balms and lotions.  It’s solid at room temperature, so it will harden a recipe when added.  It can be combined with other oils so the final result isn’t so hard.  Look for unrefined coconut oil, which is the kind that smells like coconut.  Refining may use chemicals to extract more oil, and it also bleaches  and deodorizes the oil.  They may also add sodium hydroxide to extend it’s shelf life.

Rose-hip Seed Oil:

Rose hip seed oil is high in vitamins A and E for the skin.  It also has essential fatty acids to promote elastin and collagen production.  It’s often used in creams and balms for stretch marks, burns, wrinkles, eczema, and sunburns.

Argan oil:

Argan oil has many uses – both internally and externally. This oil is particularly rich with antioxidant vitamin A which significantly increases cellular regeneration. It also provides some natural protection against sun and other forms of environmental damage. It can be used to help heal and soften skin to prevent the formation of stretch marks, as well as scarring from small wounds.

On the skin, argan oil makes a wonderful carrier for anti-aging oil blends. It can also be used in nail and cuticle oils to promote healthy growth.

Argan oil is most well-known for its ability to improve strength and appearance of hair. Use it as a carrier for oil blends meant to repair split ends to experience Argan’s full potential.

Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is high in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.  It’s great for sensitive skin or problem skin and eczema.  Avocado is usually combine with other carrier oils and not used alone.

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