The Ultimate Guide To Roasting Vegetables The Right Way Every Time

3. Oil it up

For the best browning (and to make sure your veggies don’t stick), be generous with the oil. Extra-virgin olive oil works nicely. Instead of drizzling oil over the veggies like many recipes recommend, try tossing your cut veggies with the oil and your preferred seasonings in a bowl until everything is evenly coated.

4. Preheat your pan

To encourage crispy, golden exteriors, pop your roasting pan into the oven as it heats. The pan will get nice and hot, helping to sear the veggies when you add them to the pan.

5. Leave lots of room

Don’t crowd your veggies on the pan. If you do that, they’ll release steam as they cook and will get soggy. Instead, leave some room between your veggies so the hot air can circulate around them, ensuring they get crispy and golden on all sides. You can split your veggies between two pans if you need to.

Whether you like them crispy and golden or closer to charred, these tips will help you get your idea of perfect roasted veggies every time.

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