The Ultimate Guide To Roasting Vegetables The Right Way Every Time

We have ways of making you love roasted vegetables

Vegetables are anything but boring when you manage to roast them just right. With crispy, golden edges and a caramelized sweetness, they are a true dinnertime savior.

But how long do you roast them? And what makes the difference between soft, caramelized glory and just plain mush? These tips take all the brain work out of making perfect roasted veggies. Use them along with your favorite recipe for fail-proof veggies every time.

1. Choose the right veggies

Some veggies roast better than others. You want something low-moisture — cucumbers, for instance, don’t take quite so well to roasting.

For best results, choose firmer vegetables like potatoes, Brussels sprouts, peppers, onions and carrots.

2. Cut to the right size

Cutting your vegetables to the right size is especially important when you’re using more than one type of vegetable.

When mixing harder vegetables like potatoes and carrots with things like Brussels sprouts and onions, you need to be careful.

The longer a veggie takes to cook, the smaller it should be cut. So on a tray of sweet potatoes and bell peppers, the sweet potato cubes should be cut smaller than the peppers. This will ensure that everything cooks through at the same rate.

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