10 Best Resistance Band-Legs & Glutes-Fat Reduction Workouts

Adding a resistance band to your workouts makes them even more challenging—and effective—than before. And the great thing is that you can use resistance bands with different tensions to make your workout easier or harder, depending how you feel. For this workout, I used a medium tension band.

You can increase the tension by walking your hands up the band, or make things easier by walking down the band. Try to do each of these moves 12 times, and don’t forget to do both sides! If they feel too easy, adjust your grip or try a higher resistance band.

Resistance Band Legs & Glutes Workouts:

1. Glute Kickbacks:

How to Do:

  • Secure one end of the band to the lower portion of a post and attach the other to one ankle.
  • Facing the attachment point of the band, balance yourself one the other leg to stabilize yourself.
  • Keeping your head and your chest up, move the resisted leg back as far as you can while keeping the knee straight.
  • Return the leg to the starting position. Continue for 10 to 12 reps and then switch side and repeat.

2. Leg Extensions:

How to Do:

  • Start laying on your back and hold the handles reaching over head.
  • Place the band across the RIGHT arch of your foots and bend the knee to 90 degrees, with your knee right over your hip.
  • Using the back of the leg press through the heel and straighten the leg so that it’s reaching at a 45 degree angle off the floor.
  • Bend the knee back on to 90 degrees and repeat for 20 repetitions on each leg.

3. Standing Hip Abduction:

How to Do:

  • Wrap the band around your ankles. Then stand with your hands on your hips and your feet about hips-width apart.
  • Shift your weight to the left foot and lift your right foot off the ground.
  • Keeping your shoulders directly above your hips, brace your glutes as you lift your right leg out to the side as far as you can without compromising your posture.
  • Pause, then return to start. Complete eight to 10 leg lifts, then shift your weight to your right foot and complete eight to 10 reps with your left leg.
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