Amazing Foods That Makes Your Body Fit and Healthy

Successfully fit & Healthy people are successful not because of good luck, birth order, or family heritage but because they are intake right diet. Below we are providing some best foods that makes your body fit.

This list provides a range of macro and micro dense nutrient foods.

Spinach – packed with vitamins and minerals

Kale – packed with vitamins and minerals

Almond Butter – a healthy fat. Healthy fats help with testosterone and

hormone production.

Sardines – easily digestible by the body, high amounts of protein, and

contains fish oil.

Sweet Potato – complex carbohydrate giving sustainable energy

throughout the entire day.

Blueberries – high in vitamin c, anti-oxidants, and potassium.

Bison Meat – low fat, high protein, omega 3’s.

Food Type: Carbohydrates

  • Oat Meal
  • Rice
  • Black Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lentils
  • Sweet Potato’s
  • Rice Cake
  • Quinoa
  • Any Fruit
  • Any Vegetable
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