8 Exercises To Burn Up To Twice The Fat Of Running

Not a running person? Looking to switch it up? Try one of these 8 exercises that can burn upto double the calories of running and shed the pounds away!

Running is one of the best forms of exercise with both mental and physical benefits. It’s a great workout if your goal is burning calories – but running isn’t for everyone. If you’re not into running I’ve got some good news. There are a number of exercises that burn a lot more calories than running to maximize fat loss. Keep reading!

The average person burns around 10 calories per minute while running – these exercises all burn more than that, in some cases twice as many.

Try these 8 exercises to burn up to twice the fat of running…

1. Kettlebell Exercises

I recently wrote an article about the benefits of kettlebell exercises and the insane amounts of calories they burn. It outlines 8 kettlebell exercises that burn up to 20.2 calories per minutewhile toning your body, building muscle and increasing cardio!

2. Burpees

Burpees are great if you’re short on time because they are one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ exercises there is. Even after a few minutes of performing burpees you’ll be covered in sweat – they work your entire body and you are effectively strength training while elevating your heart rate.

If you’re new the burpees the movement is simple – Start by squatting down, then kick your feet backwards and place your arms down into the push-up position, pull your feet back up to your hands and jump back up while clapping your hands above your head.

An average 150-pound woman will burn around 15 calories per minute performing burpees in the following 5-minute workout.

Set a timer for 40 seconds and perform as many burpees as you can.
Rest for 20 seconds and then repeat for 5 sets.

3. Indoor Cycling

Taking indoor cycling classes is an excellent way to burn fat and you’re more likely to attend because of the group environment. You’ll hold each other accountable and push each other to your limits!

These classes implement high-intensity interval training which is specifically designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat – even after you’ve finished the class. Your metabolism will still be significantly higher up to 48 hours after completing the class, so you’ll be burning fat even while resting.

An average 120-pound woman will burn between 700 to 850 calories during a 60-minuteindoor cycling class.

4. Jumping Rope

Jump ropes are commonly used by athletes to improve their athletic performance. They’re a simple exercise that will make you feel like you’re on the playground again and they burn more calories than running. They’re very easy to use in interval training too – so as you improve you can keep the calories burning and continue to lose weight.

An average 150-pound woman will burn 563 calories per 45-minutes of jump roping. You can easily increase the calories burned by incorporating intervals of fast jump roping followed by periods of recovery and repeating.

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